Suggestion on How to build a blockchain network from the scratch

Like Ethereum (not exactly though may be 80%) if i want to build the full echo system from scratch what would be your recommendation? I am an intermediate level golang developer, please suggest me step by step guide line how i could achieve this.

I would probably start by understanding the overarching building blocks of a cryptocurrency through their initial whitepapers. Bitcoin and Ethereum. Understanding these works will help enable you to begin with the foundations of a blockchain.

Perhaps before jumping straight into building something from scratch, take a look at cryptocurrencies like Cosmos where you could learn the codebase and contribute in the mean time.

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Well, your job is a very harder one, however I will try to explain some points…

First of all you must decide what type o blockchain you want to make (public, private, hybrid, centralised, decentralised, distributed, etc) because implementation is different. You must also decide if you work with onchain or offchain data that can be transactions or general ones (also different implementations).

The most easy aproach are centralised or distributed hashed chains (like blakechain ) but a lot of experts says that if a hashed chain is not decentralised is not a real blockchain so this leads to the most complicated part of the blockchain named p2p communication.

For p2p you can use from naive broadcast aproaches to a real p2p library like this one used by IPFS. That depends of your needs.

Also, the experts says that a Proof-of-[something] is neccesary but also could be different for every blockchain type or use case.

Another point is smartcontracts and decentralised applications which can have a few aproaches, also you must study here various forms of authentication, authorization, wallets and anchoring.

Note that a blockchain is a group of technologies not a final product and have different implementation for each use case you may have.

A few useful resources for blockchain from scratch:


I am really grateful to you as you explained nicely. Thank you very much.

thank you sir for your prompt response.

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