Sublime Text build system integration packages v0.9.0


This is our first public release of a set of Sublime Text packages:

  • ‘golangconfig’ is a developer library used to obtain information about the local Go environment. It handles configuration ($GOPATH, etc) through a combination of auto-detection and configuration. It is designed to be used by other Go-related Sublime Text packages.

  • ‘Golang Build’ provides Go toolchain integration with the Sublime build system - go build, go run, go install, go test. It is the first package to utilize the functionality of golangconfig.

Golang Build can be installed via

  1. If you don’t already have Package Control installed, follow these instructions.
  2. Run the “Install Package” command via the command palette
  3. Type “Golang Build” and press enter

User documentation for Golang Build is available here. If you’d like to contribute to either package, there is also complete developer documentation available on Github (golangconfig, Golang Build).

Please file bugs using the appropriate issue trackers on Github. For problems with Go environment detection and configuration, issues should be filed at:

For bugs related to the build command integration, issues should be filed at:

Our goal is to have other Go-related Sublime packages adopt golangconfig. This would allow users to set their Go environment configuration in one place and have that used by all of their installed Go/Sublime packages. If you are an author of a Go-related Sublime Text package, we’d love to hear your feedback on golangconfig.

Happy Editing,
The Go Team


I feel like I am missing a lot right now. Today I can configure what happens when I hit save. Which is clearing the command window, running go build -i, go vet and golint. I can’t lose this functionality. Not that excited about using command B instead of save.

I was hoping the new plugin would provide better support for code completion and navigating around the code. The navigation piece is what has the most issues in GoSublime. It can be a hit or miss using command G.

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