Stripping symbols difference - SO question

Hi, can you take a look at this SO question? We’re trying to create a stripped binary and not sure how to proceed. Thanks !

Looks like this has been answered on SO.

The answer is not clear there. I’m stripping in 2 ways on the same machine - why do I get different results? isn’t go’s way just wrapping strip? and if it doesn’t what does it do?

I get the point. I am not exactly an expert for stripping binaries, but if the results are different between Go and strip, then the two tools obviously use different strategies. Maybe the guy who posted the answer on SO can help sorting that out.

But why does this observation block you from proceeding with whatever you want to achieve?

(I ask this because we might face an XY problem.)

There are often more than one ways of achieving a goal. If maximum compression is what you need, have a look at upx (disclaimer: I never have used this tool and cannot say anything about it.)

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