Stringer: no values for constant Spade

My code:

//go:generate stringer -type=Suit

package deck

import "fmt"

// Suit represents card's category.
type Suit uint8

const (
	Spade Suit = iota

This, when issuing go generate, should generate some file. Instead, But I am getting this:

$ go generate
stringer: no value for constant Spade
main.go:1: running "stringer": exit status 1

Perhaps something in changed in stringer package?

/cc @joncalhoun.

I just copied your code to my clipboard and ran the following commands:

go get
cat > ./deck.go
# middle click to paste, then Ctrl+D
go generate

And did not get that error. deck.Suit.String was generated correctly. Can you try removing your package and re-go get it and try again?

Oh, it worked after removing and go getting again.

Not sure what made it fail before.

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