String literal not terminated

I got this error message for fmt.Println("yes”)

I’m so dumb!

Not sure if by that you meant you figured out the issue, but a) you’re not dumb and b) if you haven’t yet figured out the issue, take a look at the closing quote you use in fmt.Println() and compare it to the opening quote (and the rest of the quotes used in this snippet). Note that is not the same as ".


Thanks so much. Actually I knew I was not dumb. I was just voicing my frustration. Secondly, it was your reply that got me on the right track. So then what is the difference between " and “ and/or which should I use for a string? Also, how do you write " on an iPad "? ( I copied and pasted it :sweat_smile:)

They are actually different characters. is known as the “right double quotation mark”, and " is a “quotation mark”. Here are some more details: I don’t have an iPad but I think there should be a setting somewhere to disable smart quotes based on this answer if that’s what you want to do:


Thanks so much Liza! Everything you said greatly helped. It’s amazing how happy I get when understanding dawns on me!

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