Strategies for setting up an information-rich IDE experience with go?

I’ve been writing code for a very long time, and Java for just a bit less than it’s been around. I’m used to the information-rich Eclipse environment, where I can hover on a method call and get the javadoc for the method, or press a key to jump into the implementation of the method, whether I have the source for it or not (byte decompiled). I noticed that there is a “goclipse” plugin, but that apparently is obsolete and not maintained. I’m a long-time Emacs user, but lately I don’t use it as a primary programming environment. I installed the “go-mode” package, which provides formatting and some syntax help, but semantics are a little harder.

Is it possible to get an information-rich IDE environment for golang, with either Eclipse or Emacs? I don’t mind adding some plugins, but I’m not interested in adding another full-featured IDE to my repertoire. I have both Eclipse and Emacs highly tuned and customized.

I haven’t used it but JetBrains has an IDE that sounds like what you’re used to:

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