Store Multiple DB Connection in golang

Hi Team,

I have 10 oracle databases in one server, I am trying to store db connection of all of them but when I am trying to execute query I am getting the result from one database 10 times. Please help.

type dbConn struct {
db *sql.DB
func oracledb_sql_connection(orcldb_repo_data []string, db_home_bin string, logfile string, debug bool) []dbConn {
	var inst_temp, oracle_home, ld_library_path, path string
	var db_connection_arr []dbConn
	for _, j := range orcldb_repo_data {
		for i := 0; i <= 2; i++ {
			inst_temp = j[:len(j)-i]
			ora_result, _ := exec.Command("grep", inst_temp, "/etc/oratab").Output()
			if len(ora_result) > 0 {
				inst_temp = fmt.Sprint(strings.TrimSpace(strings.Split(string(ora_result), ":")[0]))

		//Setting DB Enviornment
		os.Setenv("ORACLE_SID", inst_temp)
		orcldb_home, err := exec.Command("sh", db_home_bin, inst_temp).Output()
		if err != nil {
		oracle_home = fmt.Sprint(strings.TrimSpace(string(orcldb_home)))
		os.Setenv("ORACLE_HOME", oracle_home)
		ld_library_path = os.Getenv("ORACLE_HOME") + "/lib"
		os.Setenv("LD_LIBRARY_PATH", ld_library_path)
		if !strings.Contains(os.Getenv("PATH"), os.Getenv("ORACLE_HOME")) {
			path = os.Getenv("PATH") + ":" + os.Getenv("ORACLE_HOME") + "/bin"
			os.Setenv("PATH", path)
		os.Setenv("ORACLE_SID", j)


		//Connection to database
		connect_string := "/ as sysdba"
		db, err := sql.Open("godror", connect_string)
		if err != nil {
		//defer db.Close()
		fmt.Println("DB Connection Open")
		db_connection_arr = append(db_connection_arr, dbConn{db})

	return db_connection_arr

You’re calling sql.Open with the same connection string on every iteration. Perhaps you believe that setting the environment variable ORACLE_SID would affect the results, maybe I’m missing something, but I see nothing in the documentation for the driver about it using an environment variable for making a connection.

I am using it sequentially without storing db connection and it’s working . But when I am trying to store the db connection it’s not.

There is something while storing db connection which we need to figure out.

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