Stock Trading - Algorithmic Trading

question. i am new to coding. decided to learn Golang.
My main purpose is in the future deal with algorithmic trading.
Unfortunately, didn’t find any API which support Go.
Is there any reason, does golang would be good for this purpose?

What do you want to trade ? If it is crypto or coins there are websites that offer rest APIs you can query with Go.

What is the logic (strategy, algorithm) that you want your software to use when trading ? If you want to use machine learning to predict and trade micro transactions, it is done a lot in python.

Thank you!
Stocks only.
I saw a lot done in Python, Interactive Brokers API do not support Go.
I am kinda in the dilemma should i switch my learning to Python instead/in addition to Go?

If you want to invest your own money, you need a library with a trading algorithm (ML, NN, etc) for stocks. I have no experience with trading stocks in Golang.

If you want to port or code for yourself a trading algorithm, to sell or share for profit, then Go is a great language for it, as you have low competition.


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