Sqlite Basic With Go

Can Anyone Send Me Simple Insert Update Delete Query With Sqlite Using Go.

What have you tried so far and how is it not working?

I don’t have a specific resource for you, but I use go and sqlite3 frequently.

I use https://github.com/mattn/go-sqlite3 as my database/sql driver. Use it’s README.md to learn about connection strings.

Follow the Go database/sql tutorial to learn about general database use in Go. It uses MySQL as an example, but the sql is probably basic enough to transfer directly to sqlite.

Also, sqlite has great documentation. I start from https://sqlite.org/lang.html to figure out syntax, features, etc.

General questions like this are difficult to answer because we don’t know where you are coming from or what you already know. Explaining what you are trying to do, what you have done, what happened, and how what happened isn’t what you want to have happen will help us help you.

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Prepared just for you @Rockstarr : https://github.com/dipakyadav/sqlite-crud-with-golang


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