SQL Developer Useful Skills?

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Sorry if this is not the correct place to ask this question.

I have decided to make my career through SQL Development but I am keen in improving my skills and make a better career as a SQL Developer so I wanted to know some certifications that can be useful for me to pursue.

If someone has done any kindly make me aware of the same.

Thank You

Best Database Certifications for 2019 (8 Nov. 2018)

possibly relevant comments follow

rôles of IT personnel

systems analyst
database administrator
network administrator
telecommunications specialist
other IT staff

the 1st may be involved in debugging, writing flowcharts, and with testing

the 2nd with applications programming, design of database and networked systems, also with software maintenance

the last entry might include Web masters


see under Links

SQuirreL SQL Client
Mimer SQL

Thanks a lot it helped me a lot.
Also could you provide me with some more certification platforms?
Looking for some resources that can help me to learn everything properly and I can have proper exposure as well.

Also could you provide me with some more certification platforms?

Not per se.

Without it being inferred that I recommend a certain product line, I think A. Molinaro’s Appendix B from SQL Cookbook (O’Reilly Media - 2009) might be worth perusing.

Rozenshtein Revisited

Separately, it might be noted (a comment from a Japanese coder) that grep might be sufficient for less than a few hundred MBs of data, after that one can leave the data unorganised and index it, or invest the time and labour cost to organise the data well, and enter it into an RDBMS.

Can we use Go instead of python for security? (Go Forum)

M. Dolatkhah whose interest is security listed some certifications above.

The DBIC book Introduction might be interesting to read.

cf: data storage formats