Some ideas for detect changes in a struct value?

hi everybody. I’m new in golang and i try to detect when a api client make a change in some struct value but I failed to do well. i need know if some struct attribute value has changed in runtime. can someone help me please. (e.g.)

type Foo struct{
	PublicA string
	PublicB int
	privateAttr string

func (x *Foo) PrivateAttr() string{
	return "somoString"+x.privateAttr;

func main(){
        foo := getFooFromSource() //get a something like {"publicAValue","publicBValue","privateAttrValue"}
        foo.PublicA = "other string" //the PublicA attribute is dirty
        encoded, _ := json.Marshal(&foo)

question one: how is the best way to know when PublicA value change or is not the loaded value from source ( foo.PublicA = “otther string” ) (the value is dirty)

question two: how achievement, that when I export the structure to a json get the value given by the function Foo.PrivateAttr() but still use json.Marchal

Two options that strike me are to

  • not expose the field to begin with other than via an accessor like the privateAttr and possibly a corresponding setter, or
  • keep a hash of the struct contents and verify this when you need to know if it’s changed.

You can implement json.Marshaler to control the JSON representation of the struct yourself.


If you are just trying to check one struct value, then you can try spawning another go routine to check to see if the value changed using a combination of for and select statement with channels.

If the string value changed at runtime you would send the newly changed string down the channel and it would trigger a case statement in the for + select statement in the go routine so then you would know a value has changed.

thx @calmh are good ideas, i looked for examples and found this on how to implement the interface Marshaler kendellfab/golang-json-marshall gist

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