Solved - TinyGo build and simple deploy uf2

I solved this while writing the question - and thought it might help others …

I can flash to a device using tinygo, but I need a ‘simpler’ way to deploy - e.g. by just copying a binary file over.

Tested and working on Badger2040. Here are the steps I used:

  1. build a uf2 binary format file using:
    tinygo build -target=badger2040 -o badger2040_button.uf2 button.go
  2. Reset the badger2040 with the user button held down
    • the badger appears (for me on WIN11) as RPI RP2 (D:)
  3. Copy badger2040_button.uf2 into the D: drive

This should work - but not tested - on other devices.

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