[SOLVED] Slow `go test` with Avast on Windows 8.1

I have been wondering why testing on my Windows 8.1 machine takes forever, turns out Avast’s DeepScreen tries to analyze every go binary and therefore slows the entire process down by a factor of more than 10 if not 100.

Since I could never find an answer on the internet why it took so long, I’m writing this down for future generations of Gophers.

Runtime comparison

with Avast DeepScreen:

ok      github.com/example/ftree     27.816s


ok      github.com/example/ftree     0.216s
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This is the third Avast folley I’ve read about this week. One was right here in this forum and the other was on Twitter recently.

To other readers who may come this way: I recommend staying away from Avast.


@matt I second your recommendation. I dropped Avast for Windows Defender that comes with Windows 8 after the previous issues I had. @trichner if you continue to use Avast and find you can’t load some webpages you might want to look at disabling HTTPS scanning in the Web Shield.

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@alexmullins yeah, I disabled the awesome MITM piece they call WebShield long time ago, along with a lot of other cool features from Avast. \s

I guess I should make the move towards Windows Defender.

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