[SOLVED] Can i create X509KeyPair using rsa key?

I am trying to create gRPC connection with mutual tls following the instruction on this blog Secure gRPC with TLS/SSL, but i don’t want to create the certificate and save it to a file on the disk, I want the service itself to create its keys, then the certificate authority key will be taken somewhere else (I am planning using the google pki as the ca).

What i did so far I can create the private/public key pair using rsa, then encode the public key to pem key following some code here Golang : Generate DSA private, public key and PEM files example now i am stock on how to create the certificate using the LoadX509KeyPair. I don’t know where to get the value for the second parameter, it needs keyPemBlock in bytes, but the RSA private key is not on bytes.

I would like to ask, is there a much more better way to create a certificate using the RSA, if it is possible?

And also if we can create a certificate using RSA; using the incomplete solution of mine above, where i can get the value for the second parameter of the tls.LoadX509KeyPair?

Thank you

I just found this Generate certificate

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