Slices helper functions library


here’s a cool little project I’ve made that I think everyone could use to make their life easier when it comes to working with slices in Go :wink:

In Go, you have the “strings” package, which lets you do things like check whether a string contains a substring, get the index of a substring within provided string, or replace all occurences of a substring.
However, there is nothing similar when it comes to slices, which suprised me a great deal, since a feature this essential is included in the core of many programming languages nowadays. And that’s why I decided to create a library that will provide helper functions for working with slices.
It is heavily inspired by Go’s official “strings” library, so all functions have the same names and are used the same way, to make using this library seamless and not require any studying of the docs.

Since this library is so easy to use and makes basic, extremely common tasks way easier, I could see any Go developer using this library, and I would definitely recommend you all at least give it a shot, see if you like it, and leave some feedback if you feel like it.


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