Simple graphic package for go

Hi people,
I need a very simple graphic package for go with no installation hassles.
I am working on Windows 10 with VScode.
Thanks in advance

What do you want this package to do?

I just need some primitives moving on the surface constantly updating their positions, text, and colors. Just a simple stuff.

Can you elaborate?

  • what surface?
  • moving what?

I am working on some agent based platform and I have to represent them on 2D surface. They obey to some mix of genetic algorithm and cellular automata. I would like to see their graphic representation as for example, circles or pixels. In addition, I need to show some textual messages on the screen.

Maybe the Awesome Go site lists a library you could use. Take a look at these sections:

Thanks, I just hope that they are not heavy, because my graphic needs are realy basic.

Well, there are 2 hot topic gui libraries on the market: gio and fyne. Also there are go-qt, which is masive, and go-sciter, which is like electron, but smaller, and desktop orentated. If you working on windows, then there is walk.

Thanks for the info. :+1::+1::+1:

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