Should i use DTO?

(Kadir Olmez) #1


I am new to go lang and I want to use DTO. In your opinion , should I use DTO in my project?

(J Ohn Stuart) #2

Are you referring to the Data Transfer Object pattern ?

(Kadir Olmez) #3 you suggest Data Transfer Object pattern? are there any library by implement dto pattern?

(Tamás Gulácsi) #4

What the hell is DTO? How would you use it in your program?

(Joe) #5

In effect, this is none of business of go.

(Kadir Olmez) #6

i use gin gonic framework and gorm in my arch. created gorm model but i dont want to use gorm model for web request bind operation or web response content. i create dummy model for web request and response but i am convert dummy model to gorm model (json convert). how can implement dto (Data Transfer Object) in my project in best way

(Boban Acimovic) #7

Just struct.