Should I learn Web developing after finishing a quick intro course?

I’m about to finish the I’m about to finish a Go basics course (Tech With Tim YouTube) which covers a lot of the language basics, so should I go buy the Udemy Todd McLeod’s web development course or buy another “Go basics and fundamentals” Course and after finishing it buy the Web Development one? Note that I came from Python/Django
and is there any better course i can buy?

I am also a newbie to Go. Watching Todd MacLeod have helped me a lot. But I am mixing hands on with reading and watching. By solving many small problem I assume that I one day will see the bigger picture. It is about motivating myself.

I have found no tutorials about creating Go Web sites from scratch. The knowledge seems to exist, but is divided in many places.

So I decided to do my own mini tutorial in order to learning by doing: Any feedback appriciated.

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This looks a good mini course actually, reminds me of sololearn which i really love. Information in this course is also very great. I will add your course to my Bookmark to watch after finishing TTW Youtube course.
Thanks for your hard work

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