Should I learn Golang or Python?

I have been shallowly learning programming languages like python, php, javascript, swift, java etc, but never mastered one. What I want to do right now is to be able to create website. I thought of using python but it seems slow. And I want my website to be fast so there can be many people connected to it. Although I will not have that many people on my website anytime soon, one day I won’t have to switch language for better performance. So I thought Golang would be better choice. But problem is Golang seems hard than Python and there are not as much tutorials. And I haven’t mastered how to make website. Should I start with Golang or Python?

Well it’s really strange. For Go there are more than enough tutorials especially for web-development. Don’t hesitate - just try and if you will see that Go just don’t fit to you - drop and looking for something else.

Both languages perfectly cope with this specific task.

To learn systematically, start reading specialised books not tutorials. A good book I always recomand is this one:

For web development there are tons of documentations and tutorials on the internet. An easy one is this:


Use your php knowlege if your goal is just a website. There is no need to learn a new language to make a website. In addition php was designed for web and it will cost you less to host your website if your backend is php. On the other hand, php is not a general purpose language so in this sence learning a language like Go or Python is more preferable.


I am thinking of reading this book.

Get Programming with Go

What do you think?

I didn’t read that book but the author is a very good one and the book seems to be written for beginners. I guess is a good choice.

Php wins when it comes to web development because of available frameworks.
There don’t seems to be good framework as of now in go which is good for website development.

PHP is older on the market and is normal to have more frameworks available but Go still remain a very good choice for web applications because of the powerful template package and not only. Also some pretty good frameworks are available.
Another big advantage over a well known web stack is that you don’t need a web server with all configurations and more importat, with all vulnerabilities. So, i 'm sure your can make projects with big complexity in Go until you will need an extremly high level framework like in other languages.

Well this could be answered with many different perspectives in mind. Program with the code that you know best if it is for something small. If you are just trying to learn a new language to expand your knowledge then I would challenge you to learn 1 of the languages and then try learning the other one as well. This way if you encounter either type you will know them (at least the basics of each).

I am not going to pretend like I know which one is better (Python or Go). Personally I didn’t care for python, but that was me. However, what I will tell you is that if you watch this one 11 minute video on Udemy (Why Go). It is one of the free videos, it might help solidify your decision between GO and Python.

I believe google has most all their websites written in golang and that include youtube. I believe google did it because they know it is far superior to any other language out there and it is a lot faster as well.

I think read this Book

you can also follow this course

This course is great start for learning Golnag from begining.

Also check out my course here, I think it’s the most comprehensive Go course. I’m explaining everything with easy to understand animations and 1000+ exercises.

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Go is a simpler language than Python, so easier to learn.
Strong typing gives you a better safety harness when building code.

Deployment is vastly simpler in Go.
For a Python we app, you will need to proxy it behind something like nginx, and run
your app in a uwsgi container, which itself will probably run under supervisord. You will
need to arrange to install your app and the right version of all your dependencies on the
production server.
But in the Go world, your code just compiles to a statically linked executable, which includes a
production strength web-server. You just need to copy this one executable file (plus any static content files) to the production server and run it.

It really depends on your requirement. PHP / Go / Python / RUST / RUBY are good languages. You can learn any language, they are just tool. Use them as per project requirement. Each have its pros and cons. So learn and experiment with each one. Find most suitable and enjoyable lang for you.


Python has become very popular recently, at least among my colleagues. It’s the preferred programming language for the Raspberry Pi. I used it primarilly for prototyping about 10 years ago. It was great for this job, as it allowed me to put together some “dirty” pieces of code in a few hours, much faster than I could have done this with C/C++ or C#.

Go is different from anything I have used before. What I like is its simplicity. Coming from the world of Java and C# it took me a while to understand some of the basics. I first had to forget what I learned about object oriented programming.

Even a little bit outdated, but still valid, I think the online book “Building Web Application with Golang” is still a good resource for learning Go and it includes anything you need to know to reach your goal. You can find the book at:


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