Setting value of structs in Go debugger Delve

I am using Delve (debugger for Go) and would like to set values of variables. Setting value of primitive datatypes like boolean is straightforward. It can be done using set =. I am not able to set value for structures or fields in structures. For instance, I have feasibleNodes variable with value []* len: 1, cap: 1, [ *{ TypeMeta: (*"")(0xc0000dab00), ObjectMeta: (*"")(0xc0000dab20), Spec: (*"")(0xc0000dac08), Status: (*"")(0xc0000dac78),}, ] . I have tried ‘set ((Node ) feasibleNodes)[index].fieldName = value’ and 'set ((feasibleNodes[0])).TypeMeta=(*“”)(0xc0000dab01)’ but they give error. How do I set the value of TypeMeta or Status or len?

What error are you getting?