Setting UP Go on cPanel server


Is it possible to setup go on a cPanel server where a particular cPanel user can access/use GO on the server where he doen’t have sudo acccess?


What should the user do? Just use it as an executable?


Yes. Is there a way to set it up?

Thank you!

I have done something similar with Webmin (a distant relative to cPanel). Here is how I did it. Note that you do not need Nginx for ONE executable. And you do not need a domain (just use ip/port) and not all steps. But systemd (or similar) is nice to have.

I think you must have to have root access to fix this, but the user can have read access.

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What do you mean by setup Go on a cPanel server? Installing Go compiler on a server, run an application written in Go? However, in any case you need shell access on that server with an user (not necessary root).

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Thank you so much for the reply. Helped me to troubleshoot upto a bit.


Yes, That was the plan and got it resolved. Thank you!

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