Setting GOPATH equal to my desired Go directory

Hello, I’m currently setting up Golang for my machine because I’m taking a Go course. The part I’m having trouble with is setting GOPATH equal to where I want my Go directory to be at (which is within a Projects subdirectory). I’m on a Mac/Unix for reference. I’ve tried editing both .bash_profile and .bashrc to read

export GOPATH=“/filepath”

I’ve even tried placing the line inside of a zsh file. None seem to work for me. I wonder if maybe I am editing them under the wrong parent directory. When I do go env it still has GOPATH under the location where I installed Golang.

I think going through this link will help.

Basically you need to put this line in .bashrc

export GOPATH=$(go env GOPATH)

Have you restarted your shell after you changed your RC files?

In general though I’d strongly suggest to not care for GOPATH projects anymore. Only use go modules.


GOPATH can set many dir, example export GOPATH="/root/go:/data/go" in linux /etc/profile.

Thanks, my Instructor told me that as well.

I still had no luck setting GOPATH = to my go workspace.
I guess it will not be needed for Go Modules?

GOPATH is mostly for legacy projects and to go install binaries.

To go build within a go module, the GOPATH is not necessary.

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