Set custom handler in gRPC

Hello Gophers

I want to use a custom Handler( Specifically want to use a chi router) in gRPC. I have tried to search on the internet but don’t found help to set a custom handler in the gRPC server.

Below is the code for my chi handler and I want to set it in gRPC server.

func (app *Config) routes() http.Handler {
	mux := chi.NewRouter()

	// specify who is allowed to connect
		AllowedOrigins:   []string{"https://*", "http://*"},
		AllowedMethods:   []string{"GET", "POST", "PUT", "DELETE", "OPTIONS"},
		AllowedHeaders:   []string{"Accept", "Authorization", "Content-Type", "X-CSRF-Token"},
		ExposedHeaders:   []string{"Link"},
		AllowCredentials: true,
		MaxAge:           300,

	mux.Get("/", app.RequestCome)
	mux.Post("/authenticate", app.Authenticate)
	return mux