Separating the wheat from the chaff

Is it possible to up-vote a thread or a reply based on how helpful it was to people?

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We’re going to try a plugin to allow people to select the best answer: - in the Getting Help category.

You can “up-vote” a reply by clicking the heart. Haven’t found a way to sort replies by hearts yet, though. Then again, that might be confusing.

Given the conversational structure imposed by discourse (vs Reddit, for example), I agree that changing reply order would be a bit confusing.

Hmm, yeah that is true. It depends which way you guys want to head with this. If it’ll be question/answer based like SO then that might be a good idea (selecting an answer), but given the nature of Discourse I assume that is not the case. I guess people can always sort by views/replies/etc.

I hope this works out. It’d be interesting to centralize all the StackOverflow and mailing list data here. I also love the top header which makes me think of