Senior Software Engineer - Cybernetics startup (Go, Distributed Systems, 3-tier architectures, Nosql)

We are looking for a new colleague to envision, build, and lead our Software Development.

The team at the moment are a group of experienced innovators, renowned PHD researchers, and forward-thinking individuals with an ambitious goal.


  • Responsible on all the software aspects for new products and other associated tools:
    • Communication protocols and synchronised hardware.
    • Maintenance and scalability of the system.
    • Code security and quality.
    • Collaboration and communication with all stakeholders to facilitate successful product delivery.
  • Pioneering at its best. This is first of its kind development and as such will require building codebase and SDLC methodologies from scratch.

If you are interested I would welcome an opportunity to share some more info and create an opportunity for you to connect with the founders.

Thanks for your time and hopefully we can connect!


I can help you, I have good expertise with Go-lang. Please reach me at: and skype me: cis.troy to discuss more.


Hey Troy,
Thanks for getting in contact with me.

I’ll send you a follow-up email.