Senior FullStack Go Dev (Remote)

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I am looking for a developer capable of creating the following app.

Client-server-API app running on Windows 10 where it’s possible to customize how applications(.exe) installed on Windows 10 would be open/close in location(pixels) and size on several monitors.
Like so, 4 instances of Firefox, 3 of Chrome, VLC, Vscode, Photoshop, etc…
Similar to a window manager.
Client side could be HTML5/CSS/JS/React/Angular/Vue.

Examples of the end product below.



The App Needs to work in a client-server-API manner where the WEB JS client control graphically how the apps(.exe) will be opened on the server side(another computer running win10 hooked on the monitors.
Multi users with LDAP integration/ would be able to register.
Saving the presets to a DB. Each preset would be similar what was shown on the videos.

  1. Several different clients can program layouts and change layouts on the server machine. side in Controlling how the programs will display/behave.

  2. Client can create several different layouts and save them and recall quickly as demonstrated on the video.


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Each of the links asks me to login into Dropbox, are those videos available elsewhere?

Hi Derek,

I would be glad to work with you.
PM sent. Kindly check it.

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