Senior Full Stack Engineer (Remote - Go/Angular)

Slumber Group is looking for a talented Full Stack Software Engineer to help develop an exciting new backend and an admin/analytics dashboard for our popular Sleep Apps.

As a Full Stack Software Engineer you will be responsible for all technical aspects of planning and implementing new features. The main technologies in the tech stack includes Go, Revel, MySql, Angular, and Typescript.

The position is 100% remote and at least 1 year of experience working in a remote environment is required.

You will have the opportunity for professional growth, work with the latest technologies, and help millions of users worldwide.

Responsibilities (what you’ll do):

  • Write and maintain high performance, scalable, reusable, and reliable code.
  • Create database tables, queries and joins.
  • Performing schema upgrades as requirements evolve.
  • Create API’s for web and mobile clients to consume.
  • Create web forms, reports and dashboards.
  • Deploy new code to staging and production environments.
  • Collaborate with a cross-functional team to define, design, test, and ship new features.

Qualifications (what you have):
-1+ years working remotely.
-2+ years of Go development experience.
-2+ years of database experience.
-1+ years of designing REST APIs.
-1+ years working with Angular.

  • Experience with Git is required.

How We Work
-We respect work life balance with flexible working hours
-We have ownership of how we complete work
-We take responsibility for our outcomes
-We are creative in how we approach problems
-We share information and learn from each other
-We pride ourselves on being adaptable because change is a constant
-We focus on the customer
-We make mistakes, learn and improve as we iterate
-We focus on delivering value quickly and iterating on lessons learned

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