Sending Input to website field

Quick Introduction
I’m a researcher trying to switch to go, I do a lot of web scraping and data mining of hate groups. Let me tell you I am in love with go, I find the code very easy to share with others.

My Problem
I am trying to send input to a website without automating a browser. I have been using the to scrape data but I’m wondering if it’s possible to send data to a username and password field. I can’t use post because the url bar doesn’t have fields to manipulate. Any Ideas?


Surf uses so you won’t have to relearn that part. The Api is browser-like, but does not automate a browser.

I haven’t used it, so it would be great if you would tell us how it works or doesn’t work for you.


I’m reading over the documentation now, this looks like exactly what I was looking for.

You win my hero of the day trophy…

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