Seeking Volunteer Mentor to Enhance My Go Programming Abilities

Hello, Everyone,

I am DOU Xiaobo, a hearing-impaired individual from the People’s Republic of China.

In China, my surname is Dou, and my given name is Xiaobo. However, it is common for people to address me by my given name.

I was a university student majoring in Computer Science and Technology from September 2004 to June 2008.

Due to my hearing impairment, I have faced challenges in securing a good job for the past 13.5 years and have not had the opportunity to work in the field of coding or as a software engineer.

On October 23, 2021, I visited the Microsoft Office in Shanghai and met a director who offered me a position as an Administrative Assistant. The role involved spending 30% of my time on administrative tasks and the remaining 70% on learning and improving my coding skills.

I worked at Microsoft from February 10, 2022, to February 9, 2024. During this period, the director sent an email to his team, asking if any engineers would volunteer to be my mentor and help me enhance my coding skills.

Since February 10, 2024, I have been unemployed and have not had any job opportunities. Due to Microsoft’s policy, the maximum duration for an Administrative Assistant role is two years, and they do not renew contracts beyond that period. The director tried his best to find a new job opportunity for me, but unfortunately, I was not able to secure one. Job positions are scarce, and the requirements for interviews have increased, making it difficult for me to continue working at Microsoft as a software engineer.

In February 2024, I purchased a new MacBook Pro and began self-studying coding. I have been writing some code in Go and have uploaded some code to my GitHub, but I am having difficulty improving my coding skills in Go. Moreover, I often don’t know what small projects I should write code for in Go.

Since my mentor at Microsoft have no experience with the Go language and is very busy with work and personal life, I would like to request assistance from someone who is proficient in Go and willing to be my mentor to help me continue and improve my coding skills in the Go language.

Thank you very much.

Dou Xiaobo

Hi Xiaobo , Greetings. Vijay here. I am no Mentor as I am also on learning path of Go. But consider me as a learning buddy and I am open to any help required. I am trying to get involved in golang community and open to help on this learning journey. Well in perspective of learning go and projects I came across a resource I think should help you. Also lets connect on

linkedin :

Resource Link: Learning Go in 2024; From Beginner to Senior


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It might be hard to find a mentor here (for the same reasons your current mentor has limited time; we are all juggling a million things and trying to survive ourselves!). But what you CAN probably find is a group of people who can help review your code, and point you in the right direction.

Contributing to open source projects is always a good way to learn. You will get feedback on your pull requests which is mentorship. You will also build your skills working with other people, and your contributions can bolster your CV. Off the top of my head there are quite a few Go projects that would be good to contribute to. And most projects have “good first issue” labels to identify issues that would be good for a newcomer. For example:

Find a project that looks interesting to you and contribute. Also feel free to come here and ask questions or post code for review. I find this community to be pretty helpful and welcoming. You can also join the go discord.

The main thing is: just keep yourself moving forward.


Hi, Vijal,

Thanks for sharing the Resource Link. It is very interesting.

I have followed you on LinkedIn and Github. I will keep in touch with you via Gmail, okay? Later, if I have any questions about the Go Language, I will contact you via Gmail.

By the way, do you know of any websites that introduce various projects that I can try to build using the Go Language?

Best regards,

Dou Xiaobo.

Thank you for your insightful advice on how to learn Go Language. I especially appreciate the suggestion of contributing to open source projects with “good first issue” labels. I’ll definitely look into the projects you mentioned and contribute where I can.

Unfortunately, I’ve tried to join the Go Discord community but encountered an issue. It requires me to register with a phone number, and I’ve found that Chinese phone numbers are not accepted. It’s quite strange and disappointing, but I’ll keep exploring other ways to connect with the community.

Your words of encouragement to keep moving forward are motivating. I’ll continue my learning journey despite this obstacle.

Thank you again for your helpful tips and suggestions!

I’m not sure if it’s as active but can you join the slack channel?

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There are many directions golang can do.

If you are interested in net,I think zinx is enough for study.

If you are interested in web,i think gozero will a good choice for work…

If you are interested in Video,i think lal,monibuca can help you.

Welcome to be a Gopher

I try it, Yes, I can join Go slack channel, I read it look like forum.

Thank you for sharing these valuable resources! I appreciate your recommendations for different areas of Golang development.

I’m glad to be part of the Gopher community and appreciate your welcome. I’m looking forward to learning more and contributing to the Golang ecosystem.

Thank you again for your helpful advice!