Seeking Feedback for gojob: A Task Scheduler Library for GoLang

Hey guys,

Excited to share my project, gojob! It’s a simple Task Scheduler library for GoLang designed for task sharding, retry on failure, logging, and status reporting.

Whether you’re building a web app, a microservice, or a data processing pipeline, gojob makes task management a breeze.

I’m all ears for feedback on design, functionality, or usability. Professionals’ insights will help refine this project and my skills to meet industry standards.


  1. Concurrent Task Execution: Handles multiple tasks concurrently.
  2. Logging Support: Tracks task execution and errors seamlessly.
  3. Status Reporting: Real-time monitoring with customizable options.
  4. Ease of Use: Simple API and intuitive design for easy integration.
  5. Monitoring Integration: Works smoothly with Prometheus, Grafana, and more.

Check out this quick example (a concurrent HTTP crawler) to see how simple gojob can used:

Basically you just need to implement the Task interface and submit it to the scheduler. Here’s an example of a concurrent http crawler using gojob:

// Task is an interface that defines a task
type Task interface {
	// Do starts the task, returns error if failed
	// If an error is returned, the task will be retried until MaxRetries
	// You can set MaxRetries by calling SetMaxRetries on the scheduler
	Do() error
package main

import (


type MyTask struct {
	Url        string `json:"url"`
	StatusCode int    `json:"status_code"`

func New(url string) *MyTask {
	return &MyTask{
		Url: url,

func (t *MyTask) Do() error {
	response, err := http.Get(t.Url)
	if err != nil {
		return err
	t.StatusCode = response.StatusCode
	defer response.Body.Close()
	return nil

func main() {
	var numTotalTasks int64 = 256
	scheduler := gojob.New(
	for i := range numTotalTasks {
		scheduler.Submit(New(fmt.Sprintf("", i)))

Find more info, examples (e.g. concurrent tcp port scanner), and the source code on GitHub. Your feedback and suggestions are welcome. Let’s make coding more enjoyable together!


Hi @PodetiaHaggada183 , I am on my way to learn go and trying to get involved in community. I might surely try this in my projects. Also let me know if I can get involved and be of any use here. Cheers!

Hi @Vijay_Patil,

Thank you for reaching out and expressing interest in contributing to the project. If you have any questions about getting started or need assistance with anything related to the project, please feel free to ask or open new issues on GitHub. You can also explore the gojob/examples repository for usage examples. However, please note that the examples are not well organized at the moment, so if you’re inclined, you could consider adding more examples to improve the repository.

Looking forward to your potential contributions!

Best regards,