Сrypto library Themis wrapper for Go language

Themis provides:

  • Strong authentication built around Secure Comparator, which allows to authenticate users, requests and compare secrets between parties without established channel trust.

  • Strong data-at-rest protection model, built around AES, with plenty of special features to help protect database records, structured data, provide format-preserving encryption.

  • Secure Message: General purpose asymmetric encryption, suitable for non-sequential messaging, wrapping symmetric ciphers and general-purpose message exchange.

  • Secure Session: Special purpose asymmetric cryptosystem for sequential messaging, socket replacement, with perfect forward secrecy and higher security guarantees.

Know more: https://github.com/cossacklabs/themis/wiki/Go-HowTo

Or read our blog post: https://www.cossacklabs.com/introducing-0.9.3.html

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