Runtime error with go after implementing slices

Hey guys,

I am not able to troubleshoot this error. I have created my own slices and I dont seem to find any problems. I do have a runtime error in running it. I have even declared my

var booking = []string

any help would be much appreciated thanks!

The slice is empty, but you acces the first item from it. That’s not possible.

If code was complete and not a screenshot we might help resolving this.

hey man ,

so what should i do now? do i need to screenshot again on the top part?

No, show code, not pics of code.

Use the playground to create a minimal example that recreates the problem, or post the minimal version here, using markdown formatting to mark it as code, or use a pastebin or similar services, but please no pics and not just dump everything…

func main() {}


    func main() {}

Hey man, this is the above version of my code.

Sorry for the miscommunication. I was wondering for line 51, there seems to be an error in the syntax.

Would there be any issue right now?

I opened the link and change line 53 from:

var names strings.Fields(booking)


names := strings.Fields(bookings)

And then the program was runnable on the playground:

I get the same error that your reported in your initial post:

panic: runtime error: index out of range [0]

The problem here is that your booking slice is empty (you can tell from the log message in the line above the panic: the whole slice: []) but you try to access the first element on line 40:

fmt.Printf("slice value: %v\n", booking[0])
//                              ^^^^^^^^^^

You can’t access the first element of an empty slice, so the program panics.

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