Running Go on a Raspberry Pi 3 any OS recommendations?


I want to try out Go on an Raspberry Pi 3 and I’m wondering which OS I should use and 32 bit or an 64 Distro… As far as I see the only distro that supports AArch64 is Arch Linux…

I wonder if there are any major pros and cons running Go on ARM 64 Bit with AArch64 or any tips people have running Go on an Raspberry Pi 3?

I use raspbian from the raspberry pi site.

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Thanks for the reply I think I will try Raspbian since it seems to be the most popular distro and I don’t think I need the best performace for my hobby / pet project…

Tbh I wasn’t aware that arch Linux had a 64bit kernel for the rpi3. It would be an interesting data point for comparison between 32 and 64 bit on the same hardware.

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The rpi arrived today i installed Raspian…I think I will later at the weekend install Arch with an 64 bit kernel on another sdcard and compare them… but first I will just try it out and play with it… I’m just wondering if theres anywhere an good tutorial how to write an listener for an snes usb controller… :grin:

I’m also wondering why the section is so sparse… I’m no Go expert but I think the Raspberry Pi would be a great platform to get programming beginners attracted to Go…

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