Running GO app without showing the terminal

If I want to run app using HTTP server, like GO Tour for example, the terminal is opened, and be terminated by pressing Ctrl+C.

How can avoid getting the terminal opened

As I understand it, this behavior is unique to Windows. Neither Mac nor Linux has a built-in setting for automatically starting a terminal when running a program. I don’t know about other *-ix operating systems, but I expect they’re the same as Linux. not sure if my understanding is correct even.

How do you run this Go application? Do you open a terminal or do you double click on the .go file?

Either ways, either from terminal or double clicking the generated binary .exe not the .go file

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Use a service to start and stop the code, this way there is no CMD window (and it also can run when no one is logged in) and it can restart itself on failure. PM me for more details if you need it.

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