Restic 0.4.0 released

After about a month of work we’re proud to present restic version 0.4.0. Restic is a secure, fast, deduplicating backup program written in Go, released under the BSD license.

The most notable change is the reduction in memory usage during certain operations, @mholt asked about a summary which I added to the pull request (there are a few “gotcha” things in there, if you’re interested in more details please let me know).

The detailed change log can be found in the release notes or on GitHub.

As always, thanks for reporting any issues you encounter! You can also contact me here on the forum, or on GitHub (as you prefer) for general talk about restic. Sometimes I’m also on the Gopher Slack.

I’m also joining the Go Devroom at FOSDEM in Brussels next Sunday, let me know if you want to have a chat!


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