Resources For Getting Started With Go

Welcome! We are so glad you are interested in the Go Programming Language!

Here are some resources to get you started:

If you want to talk to somebody directly, there is a channel called #golang-newbies on Slack with lots of people willing to help!

If you have a specific problem or question, create a topic in this category and someone might be able to help you.

PS: If anyone has any suggestions for other links and things to write in this post, send me a private message about it! :thumbsup: Thanks to @dfc for giving me the idea to create a pinned post like this.


Hi Kristoffer,

Thanks for sharing. Also I wrote a few articles for beginners.

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Thank you.! :heart_eyes:

Thank you for the post . its gonna help me out

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All links seem to be broken

Am just starting out with Golang and i have been having this errors “Build Error: go build -o c:\Users\User\Desktop\Goprograms__debug_bin.exe -gcflags all=-N -l .
go: cannot find main module, but found .git/config in c:\Users\User
to create a module there, run:
cd ….. && go mod init (exit status 1)” while trying to run my code with VS Code thou every other thing tend to checkout prefectly.