Remote (US-only) Go job with me at Mattel

#remote (fulltime, US-only) job alert!

Want to work with me on a Go platform?

Mattel’s Connected Products Platform team is the model of where Mattel is going with its products. It is a service platform expanding to be used by teams all across the whole 30,000 person company.

We’re looking for a senior backend developer who is very comfortable with writing Go.
Preferably you have experience working on backend game servers and/or delivering backend API services in production used by large numbers of end users.

Brands like Barbie and Hotwheels are making products shipping soon that leverage the services that our team is building – identity and login services, data and download APIs, all written in Go, running on Kubernetes in Google Cloud.

We store data in postgres and redis, leverage Google’s pubsub service, and are looking more into serverless to scale our loads.

We monitor with prometheus, grafana, pagerduty and sentry. We talk on Teams, all changes get reviewed on github and tests must pass in CI on Jenkins

Want great benefits? How about great pay, half day Fridays in the summer, unlimited vacation, very low deductible health insurance, high match 401k, and more.

We are very conscious of work-life balance, and many people on the team have kids and work around busy life schedules.

You’ll join a fully remote dev team and mostly remote wider team that has a big impact on a huge company. While Mattel is big, our division is small and given a lot of leeway in how we run things.

Here’s the place to apply, please ignore basically everything on that page except the apply button. I have Opinions™ about its contents, and since I’m the hiring manager, what I say goes :slight_smile:

Yes it really is (US) remote, even though it says otherwise.

Please feel free to message me any questions before or after.

If you don’t hear from someone within two business days of applying PLEASE MESSAGE ME. <-- that’s in caps so you know you won’t be “bothering” me. Getting someone hired is super important, but sometimes balls get dropped.

If you are underrepresented in tech, please consider applying. If you aren’t looking, please retweet this. Mattel values diversity, and so do I. Everyone loves toys, everyone can be a parent. We need a variety of viewpoints to ensure our products are great for everyone.

If you want to talk before applying, feel free to DM me. If you’d rather talk to someone other than some cis white dude, ping @Claudia4Justice on Twitter.

If you identity as a woman, non-binary, gäy, bi, ace, quëer, black, brown, differently abled, or otherwise, please apply. We need your particular insight. Diversity makes better products and teams. If you need special considerations, we will fight to get them for them for you.

(Sorry for umlauts, evidently the bad word filter is filtering perfectly valid words).


Is job is still open?

I am interested and available to work with you remotely.

Skype: lauren_8606
CELL +13477096984