Relationship between go routines

When a new go routine is created from another go routine, can I find the relationship between both? Is there some way which tells one is parent and another is child? I could not find any hint in go routine structures g, m and p.
Can someone please suggest?

There is no relationship between go routines, once they have been created they are tracked and scheduled individually.

What about go trace tool? It shows different go routines based on their category. Like it shows some go routines which were created by user application, some go routines under gcbgmarker. How does trace tool do that?
After going through the process of generating trace, I found many entries there but trace tool displays few of them. How does it work?

I do not use tracetool, therefore I do not know what or how it does.

What I can say though, is that by normal means you are not able to access go routine meta data, therefore it is safe to assume, that there is no meta data.

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