Regarding Golang usuage in realtime

Hello Guys,

can anyone clarify below questions.

  1. Is go is only for web development?
  2. I heard that go lang is used in block-chain technology… Is there any other technology using Golang?
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Go is used for lots of things, including web development, block-chain, and cloud infrastructure.

Here are some of my bookmarks of things built in go:


To complement this list, these are the areas where Go is not good at:

  • When the garbage collector goes in the way: OS kernel programming, hardware drivers, hard real-time systems (that is, where missing a deadline can be fatal), etc.
  • When the runtime requirements (hardware, memory usage, OS type, etc) go in the way, e.g. on embedded systems.
  • GUI apps, due to a lack of a standard UI library (despite many great UI projects out there)
  • Maybe other niches - this list is not meant to be complete

Apart from that, Go is a good choice for a wide range of applications, from small command-line tools to large server backends, as @nathankerr’s list proves.

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