(Cherolyn Lexvold) #1

What does “n := factorial(4)” mean, specifically, (4)

(Ivan Matmati) #2

It’s just a function call. you pass 4 as argument to factorial function.

(Lutz Horn) #3

See the tour about functions.

(Cherolyn Lexvold) #4

This was helpful, One time I get lost is whenever the tour compares Go to C, because I know nothing about C. What I am beginning to do is skip over all the information about what C does and get back to what Go does

(Cherolyn Lexvold) #5

f func(func(int,int) int, int) int

Things like this ALMOST totally lose me

But i am determined

(Cherolyn Lexvold) #6

I realize this is necessary for most people studying Go so I’m not complaining, just noting

(Cherolyn Lexvold) #7

Thanks for directing me

(Cherolyn Lexvold) #8

Does the 4 here: n := factorial(4)
refer to the 4 in (4 * 3 * 2 * 1)?

Or is it a sepaate 4?

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(Lutz Horn) #10

How about reading

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