Recursion and Tail call optimization

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I’m a huge fan of recursion in general and few weeks ago I found that blog post( on how go is not optimized for recursion and I got really disappointed.

That article is about a year old, so I’m hoping tail call optimization is coming up or have already been implemented. Does anyone have more information on that?

Would be great to have a community push around it, it would improve code quality IMHO!

There are no plans to implement tail call recursion in Go.

@dfc no plan in like no current plan or no plan ever? If so I’d be curious to know the reason behind that – if you know them.


rsc views tail call recursion as an extreme form of inlining and his general concerns about inlining messing up stack traces applies.

rsc commented on Nov 5
We’re not going to eliminate tail calls. Let’s just get that out of the way.

Source: runtime: FuncForPC/FileLine/Caller/Callers api interferes with implementation of better inlining · Issue #11432 · golang/go · GitHub

Ah Thanks for the context guys. So I guess the answer for recursion in go is Don’t use it.

That’s entirely untrue, recursion is still a reasonable answer for many problems that can not be solved differently.
if the problem can be solved using a loop however, that’s indeed the recommended way in Go

You should absolutely use recursion in Go, that’s what growable stacks are designed for.

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Right but as Luna mentioned it won’t be as efficient as using a loop (assuming you can write it with a loop) or is that a wrong statement? Also I guess there’s a risk of growing the stack too much isn’t it?

Depends, whenever you mention performance, I’m duty bound to ask you to profile your code.

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