Reading Password Protected ZIP Archives

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I have a series of ZIP Archives which are password protected (it is a common password across all ZIP Archives). Having looked at archive/zip there is no mention of handling password protected archives.

I did find a solution on Stack Overflow, but I would prefer to use a full golang solution. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated

There is no support for encrypted zip files in the standard library.

You could file a bug for the missing feature, but I wouldn’t hold your breath on it being implemented.

Meanwhile, I searched for “zip encrypt” and found this package.


Thanks. I checked out the matm/scytale package you mentioned, but unfortunately the compression algorithm used on the file isn’t supported yet. I may try to write support in to support the algorithm and feed it back into the project.

In the meantime, I’ll go with the Stack Overflow solution.

Thanks @adg!

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For anyone following along – I filed a bug as it appears that *zipFile.Open cannot open AES 256 password encrypted, deflated archives.

I suspect the Stack Overflow solution works as is; but on a Mac, it is easier to use unar. Once you download it (and place it in a directory on your PATH e.g. /usr/bin); replace all mentions in the Stack Overflow of 7za with unar e.g.

commandString := fmt.Sprintf(`unar -f -p %s -o %s %s`, zip_password, extract_path, zip_path)

@alexmcroberts , check out my fork of archive/zip which includes reading (still working on writing) of password protected ZIP files. The package documentation is here.

For the public API I’ve added 2 methods to the File type:

  1. IsEncrypted() bool
  2. SetPassword(password []byte)

An example:

Let me know if you run into any issues.


I can confirm @alexmullins library works very well in this case. +1

@alexmcroberts That’s good to here!

Password protected writing is being worked on atm. I had to change the API a little to unify the reading and writing portions. I’ll post back here when it’s complete.

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