QOR 1.0 Released under MIT License (SDK for E-Commerce & CMS development)

TOKYO, Japan — April 21, 2016 — The Plant today announced that QOR, its open source SDK for E-Commerce & CMS development, is now available in version 1.0. For this public release QOR has been completely rewritten in Go.

For this first public release we have focused on rewriting and providing all the libraries and widgets necessary for building a CMS, in the upcoming releases we’ll be adding e-commerce specific widgets and modules to the core libraries.

Introduced in 2010, as a proprietary framework written in Ruby on Rails, QOR is now powering full scale e-commerce websites such as Lacoste Japan’s online shop & supporting systems, and the CMS for many ASICS brand sites around the world.

The QOR open source code is available via GitHub where we also provide a simple demo e-commerce application with source code to get up and running quickly. QOR is licensed under the popular MIT open source license. For more information about QOR and its features visit getqor.com.

Founded in 2005 in Tokyo, the Plant is a development powerhouse with a focus on creating smart, efficient web applications that are both easy to use and easy to manage – software that works for you. More than just a tech company, The Plant addresses all your goals, from technology through user experience to branding and profitability.

Looks impressive, I’ll take a detailed look once it has documentation.

There are some documents in godoc and github READMEs, eg: https://github.com/qor/admin#readme http://godoc.org/github.com/qor/admin

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