Python Dataframes


I want to hold data in go that is essentially a grid-like format. Similar to what you would find on an xl spreadsheet.

Python has pandas dataframe. Is there anything similar and stable for go?


Hi @tranman,

There are several possible options I think, and it depends on what you need.

  • A basic data grid can be made with basic data types: a slice of slices, or an array of arrays. Seriously, this can be a viable choice to avoid over-engineering the solution.
  • For handling numeric grid data, have a look at Gonum.
  • If you need functionality close to Pandas Dataframe, I found an article that discusses three Go packages of that kind. (Disclaimer: I don’t know any of these.)


Understood and I agree I’ll take a look at Gonum as well


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there is another project that can help you

here lists other projects about data structure in Go

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