Publish WebApplication Gin / IIS?[SOLVED]

I’m a beginner in golang development, and my first project is a web application that I need to publish to IIS 8 - Internet Information Services / Microsoft Web Server.
With Gin I can start the application and it should listen to “any” port configured, which I need to do to effectively publish my web app. Do I really need IIS, or can I run my MAIN.EXE file and is it?
What is the best approach for publishing a web application built with GIN?
Thanks in advance!


If you are not and will not be using IIS for anything else (and it is not a project requirement) then go is well suited to serving your app directly to the internet. My site,, is served directly by go. Start by reading

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Thank you one more time Nathan!
Now only Golang, REST application and HTML is running on my site.
When I finish the entire application, I’ll invite to see…

Have a nice time ahead!

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