Problem with remote imports from a module package

Hi, here is the problem:
I did refactor the code of my project and moved a specific functionality to a local package.
But now I’m encountering problems importing remote GitHub packages from that package.

Here is the structure om my project (it placed just “somewhere”):

│   build4linux.cmd
│   Dockerfile
│   go.mod
│   go.sum
│   main.go

That is, my app is a module named “” in the login_watch folder somewhere on the disk, and it has main.go file:

package main

import (



  rotatelogs ""
// etc

main.go imports the local package as “”.
That package, in its turn, imports 3rd-party remote package golang-levenshtein/levenshtein" from the GitHub,
here is the contents of login_watch/pkg/analyzer/series.go:

// Package analyzer implements functions to detect series
// built from the particular phone numbers
package analyzer

import (


// etc

So now, when I start the build / run command, I see this:
go run .
pkg\analyzer\series.go:10:2: cannot find package

I just don’t understand, why the imported library package could not be found?
It worked pretty well, when all the functionality from pkg\analyzer\series.go resided in the \main.go …

Here is my go.mod file, in the root of my project:


go 1.16

require ( v1.8.0 v0.2.2 // indirect v2.4.0+incompatible v1.0.4 // indirect v0.9.1 // indirect v0.0.0-20200805054039-cae8b0eaed6c // indirect

And some other info, for the record:
go version go1.16.4 windows/amd64
Environment variable GOROOT not defined
Environment variable GO111MODULE not defined

Any help would be appreciated!

Hi @mustikkakeitto, welcome here.

The error you get is indeed strange.
I did a quick test by creating a main and an analyzer package:


package main

import (


func main() {

and pkg/analyzer/series.go:

package analyzer

import ""

func Dist() int {
	return levenshtein.DistanceForStrings([]rune("a"), []rune("aa"), levenshtein.DefaultOptions)

then I ran

go mod init
go mod tidy

in the root dir to generate go.mod as:


go 1.16

require v0.0.0-20200805054039-cae8b0eaed6c

and go run main.go returns 1 without any errors.

What you could try:

  • run go mod tidy
  • run go mod download
  • run go mod graph and verify if the output looks expected
  • if neither of the two helps, run go clean -modcache (but be aware that this clears the whole module cache, and future compiles might take longer until the cache is filled again)
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Hi @christophberger, thank you for the reply!

To cut a long story short, the problem was caused by the UTF-BOM header ( EF BB BF ) of my version pkg/analyzer/series.go file - seems it somehow prevents the compiler to parse the source file.

I can’t recall how exactly I created this particular file, but unlike the all others it got the header.

I’ve just reimplemented your quick test in a separate folder and ensured it works.
Then I’ve incrementally added chunks of the original code to the series.go and tested it every single time, and finally did the byte-to-byte comparison with the original version.

God knows, how long would it take for me to figure the damn thing out without your help! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

Oh wow, that’s a really tricky bug indeed! Glad to hear that you found & fixed it. I would never have imagined some nasty BOM as the source of this problem.

A BOM is quite useless for UTF-8, yet it is permitted in general, and since Go 1.1 (no typo) it is also permitted for Go source files. So nothing wrong from your side.

I found a similar issue in the GitHub mirror of the Go repo. (Same cause, different error message.) According to a comment there, running go fmt removes the BOM automatically.

And the problem seems to be very close to getting resolved.

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