Problem with latest jinzhu/gorm library

I am working on a maintenance project in which old jinzu/gorm library is used but when i tried to use latest libray of jinzu/gorm from github ( It is showing different behaviour. After debugging I found that in old gorm when we do - db.Where(“age = 20”).Find(&user)
It forms the below sql query-
SELECT * FROM users WHERE age = 20 AND (deleted_at IS NULL OR deleted_at <= 0001-01-02’);
but in latest gorm it forms below sql query:-
SELECT * FROM users WHERE deleted_at IS NULL AND age = 20 .

It causes different result set in project. I have used Unscoped() but I want to know other alternative for this to make it easier because I have to use Unscoped() at each query.

Please help me with this. Thanks in advance.

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