Problem while using go module

pavan@localhost:~/Pavan/gowork/src$ go run streamer.go
streamer.go:5:5: package oci-go-sdk/v42/common is not in GOROOT (/usr/local/go/src/oci-go-sdk/v42/common)
pavan@localhost:~/Pavan/gowork/src$ echo $GOROOT
pavan@localhost:~/Pavan/gowork/src$ cat …/go.mod
module ociwork_com/gowork

go 1.16

require v42.0.0 // indirect
pavan@localhost:~/Pavan/gowork/src$ echo $GOPATH

I am unable to use the go module. The sdk is downloaded using the command
‘’’ go get ‘’’

and i see that it is downloaded inside the GOPATH.
How do i get it working?

Try running “go mod tidy” in your project containing the go.mod. Works wonders sometimes.

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