Problem getting the right case in a switch statement

Trying to make a switch statement that outputs a case depending. Only the default case works, and i think unfortunately.
Also, is there anyway to improve the countVowel method? think it can look way better

You can use map type - Go maps in action

Thanks, found a different way

string.Count() returns a int which means the number of times a substring is found in the source string. so
numOfa := strings.Count(string(s), “a”) returns 1
I think it is easier use a map. For example:

package main

import (

type vowelMap map[string]int
type MyString string

//made a method on my MyString type for finding vowels
func (m MyString) findAndCountVowel() vowelMap {
	vm := make(vowelMap)
	vowels := "aeiou"

	for _, vowel := range m {
		if strings.ContainsRune(vowels, vowel) {
			ch := string(vowel)
			vm[ch] = vm[ch] + 1
	return vm

func main() {
	var s MyString = "Hey! Lets see how many vowels we got "

	//get the vowels in my string

	m := s.findAndCountVowel()
	fmt.Printf("Vowels are %v", m)
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That is right now. The use of switch was logically invalid. A case would have been executed only if the number of letters was equal to the ASCII code of the letter.

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