Portabilizer template

I have seen in this site:

that Go can be used as a launcher for portabilizing software.

Exists a template to use as base for coding?
Are there tutorials, examples about it?

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Hi. Where isn’t a standard way in go to write a gui application but it is achievable. However if your application is going to be a launcher for portable apps on Windows maybe you should first see if it isn’t better to use c# and windows API:s

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Do you know if the programmer’s team plan to develop Go like PortableApps or AutoIt or NSIS?
(as a structure to enhance the portabilization capability of Go).

This could be an enlargement of user’s target…

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A built go application is usually just one binary so you can run it from anywhere. Or did I misunderstand you?

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No. I mean another thing…

NSIS is an installer used for portabilizing too, and PortableApps is another community based on NSIS.
And is used for script automation.
As you can see, there are more use for the same application.

If the doveloper’s team will decide to support Go for more than one use, it’s simple to suppose Go can have more success, because there are more users involved…

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